About CCTV

A Typical NVR (Network Video Recorder

AN I/P PTZ Camera (Pan Tilt Zoom)

A 5MP (Mega Pixel) I/P Camera

About CCTV

Are you getting CCTV that delivers the performance that will protect your staff, Stock and premises. RSSSW will help you identify and correct problems with your CCTV system

Hybrid HD CCTV

Hybrid HD systems are normally a halfway house between true 1080P HD and SD (analogue) CCTV. The cameras used are 720P HD offering a noticeable improvement over SD analogue CCTV but using the already installed coax of the older SD reducing the install cost considerably.

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows a mix of analogue SD cameras with new 720p cameras, perfect for expanding a previously installed CCTV system. Eliminating the need for old style video tape. This allows for the retention of some equipment but with higher quality images in critical areas.


There are 2 types of real HD systems that will give you true 1080P HD images - HD-IP and HD-SDI

HD TVI/AHD 1080p

  • This system uses standard coax cable as used by traditional standard CCTV equipment, making it perfect for upgrading to HD without the cost and inconvenience of replacing cables (Subject to free site survey)
  • All live views are in real time, making them perfect for applications where time-to-screen is critical such as Shops, Banks, Theatre, TV, Casinos, etc.

HD IP 1080p

  • This system uses low cost computer network cables and your broadband router, no other cables are required, making installation quick and easy.
  • Cables do not have to go directly to the recorder; they can be plugged into any network connection. But in a high density network a dedicated network supplying POE (Power Over Internet) is preferred
  • Cameras can have resolutions of up to 12MP
  • IP CCTV Cameras can be located anywhere in the world and their images can be recorded and monitored live from one central point, or many places around the globe making it the most flexible CCTV system available.


Chances are your CCTV is of no use for evidence

If you or your installation company choose the wrong lens or DVR there is an 80% chance the Police will not be able to use your pictures in court. The percentage of the item takes up on the screen determines the use of that image item


Means using the picture to identify a stranger


Means you can identify someone you already know


Means look at what is occurring


Means you can identify that you need to observe more closely

High resolution HD systems enable you to take small images from your recordings and use them as magnified images to evidential standards

This table shows the minimum standard required by the police for evidence for the various recording standards.The percentage figure shows the area that the person needs to occupy of the screen for the various recording formats. We encourage you to check that your system is actually giving you the protection you think your getting. If your not sure email us and we will happily visit you for a free assessment of your CCTV mailto:sales@rsssw.co.uk

Many of the cheap plug and play CCTV kits that are sold for DIY install use only the 2CIF or CIF recording standards Check yours now!