It's all about the Metrics

Whats it all about?

Knowing what drives your business

How many people cross your threshold

How many convert into sales

How many staff and WHEN

Measuring effects such as:

  1. Advertising
  2. Promotions
  3. Season
  4. Even the weather

Without this basic metric you can't even begin to understand how your business interacts with your customers on a face to face level. Would you have an online presence without being able to measure the effectiveness of that activity. Data on sales, visitors numbers to your site, effectiveness of online adverts with detailed online tools such as google analytics?

Yet your biggest and most expensive outgoing is your physical store. Counting Footfall is the first and most effective way of providing that key data to your business


A simple way of providing a simple daily count of entry or exit from a doorway. Its an inexpensive way of measuring footfall and whilst not allowing detailed analysis its a simple way of establishing effects of promotional campaigns and measuring conversions of sales.

Normally done with a dual Infra red break beam it's reliable and able to discriminate between direction of traffic which is very useful in stores with more than one entrance/exit.

Most sensors are battery powered with the battery's lasting more than a year, though many units also offer a hard wired power option.

A simple inexpensive way of gathering data.

Remote access and analysis

This provides a time date stamped log of every customer transition through the entrance. This allows the supplied software to provide detailed analysis of footfall throughout the day and produce reports spanning from hours to years. The more sophisticated units are able to support multiple entrances /exits and some even offer smartphone access to the counters.

Again sensors can be Infrared break beans with a sensor on either side of the door or cameras mounted above the door (some with a dual stereoscopic view for the best accuracy).

Most systems offer a hardwired networked option of the sensors but also WiFi or radio links via the 433Mhz network making installation very simple.

A medium cost way of providing detailed analysis for your business.

Networked multiple stores

Again this provide all the features of remote access and analysis but sends the data to a central server which allows remote access of multiple stores from any where in the world Though with the costs of providing the server access.

Whilst more difficult to set up this will provide the data you need to manage multiple stores and make live proactive management across a chain