58kHZ AM Deactivator


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AM Basic Deactivator 4003

A simple no frills low cost deactavitor for AM 58 Khz systems This device deactivate DR AM labels and has an audio (kill/no kill function) so it can also be used a point of sale verifier that hard tag have been removed. It can be mounted within 1.5M of the EAS tag system and has a Green LED to show its functioning which will go Red in a detection/deactivation cycle

Functional deactivation height of 80mm with standard DR labels

Integrated electronics with a separate 18V AC power supply, including a locking connector to stop accidental disconnection.

Pad size Size 200*240 mm Depth of unit 70 mm

It can be used freestanding on the counter top or flush fitted into a cutout on the desk of 215*185 mm

This item may require an engineer to setup if fitted to a different mains phase within 20M from the AM tag system. Please contact us if you are unsure or require further advice. Please see our How AM works explanation on the blog page.