8.2Mhz Deactivator PAD ONLY for 4001 Deactivator


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Additional RF Deactivator Pad 4002

This device kills tags but has an audio (kill/no kill function) It can be mounted within 1M of the EAS tag system and has a steady Red LED to show its functioning. When a tag or label is presented to the plate the red Led will blink and the label will be deactivated, It will also warn of a hard Tag by a constant alarm.

This is the PAD only and requires our 4001 Deactivator to be purchased for it to work

The maximum separation between pads is set by the length of the pre-made cables to the control unit, maximum separation between pads is 3M

The control unit (4001)has the provision to fit a second deactivation pad (supplied separately our No 4002) which allows for 2 deactivation points at the checkout.

This is a self fit item and does not require an engineer to install

Functional deactivation height of 150mm with 40*40 labels

Requires 4001 Deactivator to function.

Pad Size 235*235*11mm

Cable length on Pad 1500mm