8.2Mhz Integrated Deactivator RID500


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RF Deactivator 4004 RID500

This is our latest Integrated deactivator for RF 8.2Mhz systems. This device kills Labels and has a unique audio (confirmed deactivation function) It can be mounted within 1M of the EAS tag system and has a steady RED LED to show its functioning.

When a hard tag is presented to the plate the Led will turn Blue and blink and produce a steady tone unit the tag is removed.

If a label is presented the unit will produce a 3 chirp tone the first is label detected then a confirmation double chirp to show deactivation is complete

This is a self fit item and does not require an engineer to install

Functional deactivation height of 150mm

separate 18V DC power supply.

Pad Size 305*225*10mm

Cable length on Pad 1500mm